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Morgan Music in business 35 years



This is Our Story...and we’re stickin’ to it!

The year was 1978, Jimmy Carter was President of the United States. Billy Beer, (the namesake venture of the President's brother, Billy Carter), was all the rage, gas was 63 cents per gallon and a young and wide-eyed biology teacher named Mike Morgan became the sole founder of Morgan Music in Lebanon, Missouri; opening the original Morgan Music  in a small office space in the Interstate Shopping Center that currently houses Daylight Donuts.

Those were lean times, Mike lived in the back of the store, his only creature comforts being a hand-me-down couch and a borrowed 5” black-and-white television with rabbit ear antennas. However, with major product lines like Hondo guitars and Kustom amplifiers, Morgan Music was on its' way.

A younger Mike Morgan  circa Late 70’s

The History of Morgan Music!

With very humble beginnings and an even more humble bank account, Morgan Music slowly began to grow. With a true heart for bluegrass music, Mike pursued Martin Guitars until late in the first year when his first major dealership, with Martin, was established. The first order came in; two Martin D18’s and an HD28, (quite an investment for Mike at the time), all three guitars sold on the same day as their arrival. Soon, along with a friend, Mike started taking instruments and accessories to local bluegrass festivals and word of a true bluegrass music store quickly began to spread.

As the business grew, so did the need for additional help and in 1984, Mike hired his first employee, Dan Kuse. "Times were a' changin", as Bob Dylan would say, and new product lines were added, including Roland Keyboards, Peavey Electronics, Gibson Guitars and Pearl Drums. With this diverse expansion, people from all musical backgrounds began to discover Morgan Music.

Times were good and Morgan Music was growing. Soon, the small little shop was exploding (literally) at the seams and a change was in order. Mike found a nice little corner lot with an old house on it that looked like it had good potential. Figuring that it was time for him to move out of the back of the store, he moved the old house to the south end of town for his residence, and soon construction began on the new store. By 1986, Morgan Music had a new home in its' current location. In a cautious move, part of the building was rented to another business, a computer store, just to help offset the new expenses.

In 1994 more space was necessary to accommodate live sound and lighting products as sound reinforcement was becoming a big part of our business. Following that lead an addition was added to the north end of the store and The Morgan Music Sound Showroom was born. This almost doubled the size of the showroom and added much needed storage and workspace. It also allowed us the ability to offer permanent sound and multimedia design, consultation and installation in churches, schools and auditoriums.

1998, not long after the expansion to accommodate the new Sound Showroom was completed, Morgan Music said goodbye to the computer store next door, knocked down the remaining wall and our last major expansion and remodeling project was completed. If there were to be anymore expansion, it would have to go through the roof! Unknowingly at the time, this would later prove to be a reality.

Morgan Music continued to grow into the new millennium when, in 2008, disaster struck. On September of that year our store was completely destroyed by fire as the result of a van, being driven at a very high rate of speed by a 'very high', (or intoxicated), driver crashed through the front window of the store, came to a stop in the middle of the showroom floor and burst into flames. The resulting fire burned the store to the ground along with nearly all of the inventory in the store. (see pictures).  In a few short days however, Morgan Music was open for business in a temporary location a couple of blocks away while demolition and re-construction began.

August 2010 - New Construction is completed! Guess you could say “out of the ashes and like a rising Phoenix,” the new Morgan Music building is bigger and better than ever! With over 13,000 sq. ft., our brand new showroom is stocked full of the finest music instruments, gear and accessories; from electric guitars, amps and gear to drums, percussion and keyboards to a complete selection of brass and woodwind instruments. Complete pro audio and sound system design, sales and installation, too! Plus, we have one of the finest selections of acoustic instruments in the country - which has earned us the reputation as home of 'The Great American Acoustic Shop'! Acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, resonators and fiddles by top-of-the-line makers like Gibson, Hopkins, Yates, Sullivan, Bourgeois, Collings, Martin, Taylor and more!

Just two short years after the construction was completed on the new Morgan Music building, in 2012, our beloved founder and leader Mike Morgan, who had been battling cancer for several years, passed away. Although he is missed by  us all, the Morgan family  honors Mike by continuing to build his legacy and operate, what we believe to be, one of the best music stores in the country.

Today , we have a world-wide customer base that includes everyone from  weekend pickers to professional players, from aspiring beginners to seasoned pro (and YOU are  in that list somewhere)! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you through every step of your musical journey!