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What you need to know about...
      Instrument Quality!
These are instruments designed and built with the idea of appealing to the most discerning players. The emphasis here is on tone and feel and no expense is spared in obtaining the best of materials and finest quality craftsmanship...and that of course can make for a pretty expensive horn. Beginners do not require instruments of this caliber, but by the time they reach high school, many students have reached a level of proficiency where they both appreciate and benefit from a professional horn. So, parents of talented children, consider yourselves warned.
Intermediate instruments also place an emphasis on tone and feel, but unlike the pro horns, some expenses are spared. However, the end result is a very good horn that has some of the appeal of a professional model but at a lower cost.
Designed to offer playability, serviceability, and affordability, these horns have been the mainstay of school band programs for many, many years. Although they lack the finesse of the higher-grade horns, student grade instruments play in tune and are well constructed so they hold up over the course of time. Equally important is the fact that when the instrument is out of adjustment, gets damaged, or is otherwise not working right, it can be repaired at any reputable band instrument repair shop. Student Grade instruments are, without a doubt, the best value for the student musician.
Professional Grade
Intermediate Grade
Student Grade
Economy Grade
The main goal in the manufacturing of these instruments is to have a low selling price; often about the price of a student grade horn. Morgan Music and most area band directors generally discourage the use of these instruments due to the fact that they often play out-of-tune and are not very durable. Of even greater concern is that many repairmen consider most of these horns to be difficult or even impossible to service properly and decline to work on them. A good used student instrument would really be an overall better value!
Not Recommended