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Nothing beats a shiny new instrument for getting a beginner excited about playing in school band. A new band instrument offers the latest innovations, and with reasonable care, will provide many hours of service before requiring anymore than routine maintenance, (i.e. cleaning, lubrication, etc).

A new instrument may also instill a sense of ‘pride in ownership’, which may inspire and motivate your student to take a more serious interest in band  and music in general.
When buying a used band instrument, particularly from a pawn shop, friend or relative, garage sale, etc., the key term is good playing condition!   Instruments that have been idle for some time often need work in order to be ‘ready to play.' Necessary repairs can vary from minor to several hundred dollars, so it is a good idea to have a competent band instrument repairman inspect any used horn before you buy it.  No one wants to purchase an instrument only to find out that repairs are not possible or the cost is so excessive you could have bought a new or professionally re-conditioned instrument for less or, at about, the same cost.
At Morgan Music each used instrument is checked, tested and serviced! No instrument is rented or sold until any necessary repairs have been made and the instrument is verified to be in good playing condition AND we confirm that it is is Ready To Play!

A lower-cost alternative to a new instrument is a used name-brand horn that is in good playing condition. This is especially the case if your budget tempts you to consider one of the economy-grade horns. Used student-grade horns in good playing condition may often be purchased for prices approaching that of the economy-grade new instruments.

Although a used horn may not have the glamour of a new instrument, the performance, playability, serviceability, and ultimately your long-term satisfaction of owning a good used student-grade horn will be much better than if you buy an economy-grade horn.