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Joining the school band is an exciting time in your child's life! Learning to play an instrument can not only be very challenging but, as he/she grows and develops their musical skills, can be very rewarding, leading to a lifetime of music appreciation and enjoyment. However, for you the parent, starting a child out in the school band can be a somewhat stressful time. Many questions may come to mind. For instance: "how do we afford the cost of a band instrument; how do I know that I'm getting a quality instrument; what if my child loses interest or wants to change instruments?" The list may go on and on. That's where Morgan Music can help!

Over the past 40+ years, Morgan Music has answered the same questions for hundreds of parents and students as they began their school band journeys!  With that knowledge and experience, we have designed what we believe to be one of the best band instrument rental programs in the industry. Offering quality instruments, affordable rates, easy terms, expert service and maintenance, private lessons and more, all in an effort to help put your mind, (and wallet), at ease, and at the same time, helping your new band student achieve their ultimate potential. With that in mind, we have developed our "Band Parent's Primer."

What is the “Band Parent’s Primer?”

The ‘primer’ attempts to offer advice and guidance, along with some of our own opinions, based on our many years of experience. In addition, the 'primer' is intended to help move you into the "comfort zone" of becoming a first-time band parent  while, at the same time, give your band student the 'best shot' at success in what we consider to be a worthwhile and rewarding part of school life.

The primer is only four pages (including this introduction), and covers instrument quality, a comparison of  new vs. used instruments, and information to help you determine whether to rent or purchase and why Morgan Music  should be your first choice!

After reading over the primer, feel free to call 1-800-869-5559 with any further questions you may have.

We are here to help!